Open Fires and Grilling

From Gulf County Ordinance 2015-07

Section 9 – Open Fires and Grilling; Restricted areas and Prohibited Uses

Heated objects are to be disposed of properly. It shall be unlawful for any person to have open fires within 100 feet to any structure (boardwalks included) on Gulf County Beaches with the exception of designated areas that may be posted as permitted by Gulf County under the supervision and prior authority of the County Administrator. All materials brought to the beach shall be removed from the beach by the owners or users that same day and upon extinguishing open fire. Open fires shall be controlled, supervised and attended for their entire duration. All open fires on Gulf County Beaches shall strictly prohibit materials to bum other than natural wood materials (pallets; wood with screws, nails or any metals and all pressure treated woods are all strictly prohibited from burning on Gulf County Beaches). The County Administration and Board reserve the right to prohibit open fires on Gulf County Beaches for designated days due to unfavorable weather conditions and public safety concerns.

Comments by SGCVFD:

  • Please pay attention to the direction of the wind.  If the wind is blowing towards and structures or vegetation there is a possibility that embers from a fire can start a fire downwind.
  • Fires must be extinguished and any unburned material removed from the beach.
  • Please do not use charcoal grills on wooden decks.  That is one of the leading causes of house fires on the Cape.