South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department

Annual Butt Roast

We will be having our annual Butt Roast on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (May 22-24) before Memorial Day. 

Order your butt online here.

Cost of a butt will be $35. (We are sorry about the increase in price this year but did you know that the price of pork butts has increased from $1.27 per pound last year to $1.92 per pound now?!!!!)

Also, between 11am and 5pm on Thursday and Friday and 11am to 2pm on Saturday we will be selling sandwiches with soda and chips for $6 and Family-to-Go boxes for 4 (either hot or cold) at $20 which will include 1lb of shredded barbecue pork, 4 buns, 4 sodas, 4 chips and pots of coleslaw and barbecue sauce.

We will also have T-shirts for $15 and Hats for $10.

SGVFD donates a defibrillator to Wewa Dixie Youth softball league


These are true stories,

 It’s the fourth inning at little league ball game suddenly a player collapsed backward, not breathing. His heart had stopped, and shows no vital signs. Fortunately, a heart defibrillator was available on site. His rescuers initiated CPR, reviving him with the defibrillator and rushed him to the Hospital, where he fully recovered and was released in a few days.

A young girl rounds third base heading to home when she collapses into her coaches arms. Her heart had stopped and showed no vital signs .Rescuers rushed to initiate CPR no defibrillator was available the ambulance arrived in fifteen minutes, three attempts  were made before  her heart responded. She was rushed to the hospital spend days in a coma and weeks recovering. It was miracle she recovered and I thank God every day as this story happened to my granddaughter.

Few people survive the sudden heart stoppage, because nobody has the defibrillators available to bring the kids back.

“This is a good opportunity to say we do need [defibrillators] in every kind of sport that we play.

South Gulf Volunteer Fire is proud to donate a defibrillator to Wewa Dixie Youth softball league


Nick Vacco

Extrication Training

Hydraulic rescue tools are used by emergency rescue personnel to assist vehicle extrication of crash victims, as well as other rescues from small spaces. These tools include cutters, spreaders, door busters and rams. SGVFD has now the training, tools and capabilities to respond to these situations thanks to your tax dollars and generous donations.


New Fire Trucks

In the past couple of years, we have received delivery of 4 new vehicles.
A Ford F-150 Beach Rescue Vehicle #596 and a Ford F-250 support truck #594.  Truck #596 paid for out of our generous donations and butt roasts.  It has been used extensively for transport from the beach to the ambulance, and as a quick response and basic life support vehicle.
We also received our new E-One 50' Teleboom aerial pumper #591.  This is permanently positioned at Station#2 and is availble for use 24/7.
Finally, we have just received delivery of the new Ford F-450 Brush Truck #597.  The chassis was paid for out of donations received and the build was paid for from part of a State Grant received by the Fire Control District. 

Click here for pictures of these new trucks.

A Really Big Thank You

Major grants and donations have been received from the T Douglas Hale Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation and The Miller Charitable Foundation Inc. as well as other amounts received from local businesses, organizations and individuals.

Safety Blog


Lionfish are showing up in our coastal waters.  These fish have long venomous dorsal spines.  A lionfish sting is extremely painful and in rare cases can cause an allerigic reaction with breathing difficulties.  Heat breaks down the venom, so the affected area should be soaed in hot, not scalding, water for 20 to 30 minutes.  Seek medical attention to prevent infection and monitor for serious adverse reactions (from Rifle & Rod magazine, Fall 2013).


Should you encounter a lionfish in our waters, you are requested to report the sighting at

By the way, lionfish are very good to eat, having delicate white meat with no fishy flavor.